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last day of the drive

Over the last 10 days we have been humbled by the support of physicians and medical students from across the country. I truly believe that there is no organization like Doctors for America. Together, in merely seven years of existence, we have made history together and improved our healthcare system to get it working better for…

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Taking on gun violence

When it comes to addressing gun violence, doctors and medical students have proven ourselves to be one of the most effective messengers.     Together, we have made national and international news to raise awareness for the 20-year ban on gun violence research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).…

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Kicking off our Spring Membership Drive

It’s that time of year again. Today, we’re kicking off our Spring Membership Drive. Over the next week and a half you will hear from us about our victories together, the work ahead and what is required to continue to fund this movement with the same independent approach to advocacy that has allowed Doctors for A…

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