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This isn't over

In a move that violated the sacred oath that doctors take to "first do no harm”, Senators just voted to advance a bill to the floor, that repeals the Affordable Care Act, thus stripping life-saving coverage from millions of Americans. While this is disappointing news, we know the fight to protect patients' lives has only jus…

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URGENT: ACA vote expected within 36hrs

Dear Brannon, This is a crucial week for the future of the Affordable Care Act and the health care of millions of patients. The Senate is expected to vote within the next 36 hours on a bill to repeal the ACA. The procedural vote, called a Motion to Proceed, will determine whether a repeal bill goes to the Senate floor lat…

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UPDATE: Senate repeal efforts

There have been major developments in the last 36 hours around ACA repeal. Thanks to your hard work, efforts to repeal the ACA have hit a road block in the Senate.  On Monday, two additional Senators announced their opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act, effectively killing the legislation for now. Yesterda…

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