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Weekly Rounds 7-5-2020

DFA ACTION ITEM:  Doctors for America has joined an effort calling on the U.S. to immediately restore full funding to both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). During a pandemic, the Trump administration has terminated WHO and PAHO funding, undermining the global response to C…

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Weekly Rounds 6-28-2020

DFA ACTION ITEM: The Immigrant Health Justice (IHJ) Work Group is collaborating in solidarity with immigrant and Black, Indigenous, people of color-led organizations to identify key ways that physicians and other health workers can  support migrant justice efforts and to fight racism and xenophobia. Please fill out the form …

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Weekly Rounds 6-21-2020

DFA’S WEEKLY ACTION ITEM:  Women’s Health Workgroup:  We would like to formally introduce and invite you to become involved in our newest DFA Workgroup: Women’s Health! Our guiding principles are: Equity: Every woman in America has a fundamental right to equitable, high-quality, and affordable health c…

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