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A message from Stan Brock - See you in October

I am honored to be joining you on October 10th for this year’s National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC as a guest speaker. At Remote Area Medical (RAM), we are partners in putting patients over politics to improve access to care and help people live healthier lives. In my travels…

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Here’s to 50 years

Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. Together, they cover nearly one out of every three Americans – that’s more than 100 million people. The Affordable Care Act has continued to open up the doors of care to millions more. However, lea…

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Health reform after King with Professor Timothy Jost and Henry Aaron

DFA Senior Advisor and University of Chicago professor Harold Pollack talks with two of the Nation's leading experts on health reform: Professor Timothy Jost, and Henry Aaron of the Brookings Institution. They discussed the implications of the King v. Burwell victory and the future challenges and…

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