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Nation’s leading health groups call to #EndTheBan

We have some huge news. Doctors for America members spoke up by the thousands to make a national issue of the effective ban preventing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from conducting gun violence research. And, today, the Nation's leading voices have signaled they have heard your calls. Over …

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Blogs from DC: Climate Change and Health at the White House

This is part of a new blog series sharing goings on in the Nation’s Capitol with doctors, medical students, and interested parties around the country.

Today, Doctors for America was invited to the White House to attend a forum on climate change and its current and future impacts on health.  It coincided with their release of a new report, "Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment."

The event was an eye-opener even for me, an environmentalist since the fifth grade when I first learned about the impacts we were having on the planet and our responsibility to be better stewards of it for future generations.  

What I learned today was climate change is not only about polar bears and national parks, it’s about people getting sick and dying . . . not in thirty years, but today.  And particularly the most vulnerable people that Doctors for America has been working to help every day.  Read on.

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A special thank you on National Doctors Day

Today is National Doctors Day -- a moment in the hustle bustle of life to say thank you for being a doctor or doctor-in-training. For those friends-of-doctors who receive our emails, I hope you'll indulge a moment of self-reflection on this day.   I am reminded today of a weekend way back in February 2009 when D…

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