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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this Thanksgiving Day, we want to share a heartfelt thank you for being a part of the Doctors for America movement.  Thank you for coming together by the thousands from all 50 states to fight for equitable, affordable health care for all. Together, we are creating an America where everyone has the opportunity to lead…

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Haunted by Gun Violence

I am still haunted, over 30 years later, by the 18-year old woman I saw in the Emergency Room during my residency at the University of New Mexico. She had been shot in the chest, but was fully conscious when she arrived. "I'm not going to die, am I?" she asked plaintively. We worked as hard as we could on her, even crack…

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Tell Congress: End the Ban on Gun Research

As physicians, we are outraged that this Nation continues to lose innocent lives from daily gun violence. Despite Sandy Hook and the continued tragedies since then, more than 89 Americans continue to die every day from gun violence.  You would be shocked to know that nearly 20 years ago Congress, under intense pressur…

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