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Health care reform is passed, so what does Doctors for America do now?

We work with physicians to help get the facts straight about what the new health reform law is and what it means for doctors and their patients. We also know that the work is only beginning with health reform – right now the law is just words on paper and it is the continued involvement of physicians that will allow for successful implementation. We also know that this law will not fix all the problems with our system, and are hopeful that working together we can continue to push for further improvements to the health care system for everyone, not just a privileged few.

Why do we need another organization to represent physicians? My physician organization is already engaged in healthcare reform efforts.

Doctors for America’s grassroots, broad-based coalition of physicians has allowed us to develop a framework for mobilizing physicians from different regions and specialties for a specific purpose: to make individual physicians' voices heard in the healthcare reform effort. We work to mobilize physicians in their community to talk about how the nation’s health care system can be fixed, in part, through implementing the 2010 health care reform law.

Can I be a member of other groups and volunteer with Doctors for America?

Absolutely – most of our members have affiliations with other health and professional groups, we encourage the work for the greater good and partnerships are a significant part of those efforts.

Why are we focused on physicians? Why not include other healthcare providers and patients?

We are focused on physicians because we understand physicians well and are most effective in organizing this constituency. We regularly work to expand the coalition fighting for healthcare reform representing nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, patients, and other professionals who deliver or receive healthcare.

Are we affiliated with or financed by the Democratic National Committee or Barack Obama?

No. Doctors for America is not affiliated with any partisan group or with the administration. Our membership is drawn from across the political spectrum, and we encourage our members to speak out individually about their own beliefs and experiences in the health care system.


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