Gun Violence Prevention

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DFA Statement on El Paso and Dayton

Read DFA's proposal for a comprehensive, long term, public health approach to the gun violence epidemic

National Bureau for Gun Safety (NBGS)

What We've Done:

May 29, 2019 Webinar
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Nation’s Leading Health Groups Call for Gun Violence Research

Over 100 medical and public health groups, including the American Medical Association and American Public Health Association, representing more than 1 million health professionals across the country have joined with members of the scientific community and research universities to urge Congress to end the ban on gun violence research and to fund this critical work at the CDC. Read more.

Thousands of Physicians, Med Students and Health Advocates Spoke up to End the Ban

Over six thousand doctors and health advocates have signed our petition urging Congress to end the CDC ban on gun violence research. We made national and international news when we demanded that that Congress end the ban on CDC and NIH gun violence research – just hours before another mass shooting in San Bernardino. Our #EndTheBan hashtag made over 3.2 million Twitter impressions in just 24 hours. We brought together 68 of the nation’s leading medical and public health organizations. And, both President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke up on the issue. View the petition.

Health Care Professionals to Lawmakers: Stop Gun Violence

As the nation mourned the fallen children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Doctors for America took a stand against gun violence as a public health crisis that claims far too many lives. We called for common sense gun rules like background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as a comprehensive plan to address gun violence including ensuring funding for research and data-collection on gun violence and ensuring that health care providers can ask patients about gun ownership in order to counsel them appropriately about safety measures. View the petition. 

Docs v. Glocks - Florida's Gag Rule on Doctors

Doctors for America spoke up against a law in Florida that aims to restricts physicians from asking families if they have firearms, prohibits them from discussing firearm safety with families and prohibits them from documenting firearm status in a medical chart. We believe the law will hurt Florida’s children and further degrade a fragile physician-patient relationship. That’s why Doctors for America has been speaking out to repeal the law. Read more. 


  • Gun violence is an urgent public health problem that requires a multi-faceted public health solution.

Policy Positions

  • We support gun violence research including repealing the Dickey amendment, dedicated funding for the CDC and NIH to conduct research, improved data collection through the National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS), and investment in research in other related agencies and the private sector.

  • We support universal background checks.  

  • We support screening for gun ownership --particularly in homes with children -- and safe storage in clinical settings and oppose restrictions on this screening.

  • We support evidence-based policies limiting gun possession by high-risk individuals.

  • We support increased attention and support for secondary victims of gun violence.

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