King v. Burwell

King V. Burwell:
How Millions Could Lose Their Health Insurance

On March 4, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the King v. Burwell case — a case that could impact the ability millions of people to get health care. The lawsuit seeks to strip premium tax credits from people in 34 states with a federal marketplace. If the court rules against the ACA, 8.2 million Americans can be expected to lose their health coverage and 9,800 people will die every year.  We cannot let that happen.

This case matters for the millions of patients that rely on these tax credits for life-saving coverage. Physicians and patients know that better than anyone else. That is why doctors traveled from across the country to DC to urge the Court to put patients over politics.

Doctor for America helped play a big role in making sure the Supreme Court justices understand that ruling against tax credits would wreak havoc on the health care system and hurt millions of Americans.  Our actions have included:

  • Webinar featuring Supreme Court expert Professor Nicholas Bagley, DFA Senior Advisor Professor Harold Pollack, and the DFA King v Burwell Task Force (Download the Slides)    
  • Media Trainings in Baltimore, DC, and Boston
  • Radio interviews with over 30 stations
  • Supreme Court Rally on the day of oral arguments with doctors and medical students from Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia, DC, and more! 

Check out some of the highlights from our rally.

“If good organization could win a legal debate, supporters of the Affordable Care Act would triumph at Wednesday’s Supreme Court arguments over the law known as Obamacare.” [Washington Post, 3/4/15]

[Andrew Harnik/AP] 

Take Action

The Supreme Court decision will be announced in late June, 2015. While the nine justices consider the case, we can make a difference by making sure they understand that a negative decision would wreak havoc on the health care system and the lives of millions of people. You can:

  • Write an op-ed, letter to the editor, or blog post: Share stories of patients who would lose their health insurance. Then share your piece with Doctors for America so we can make sure the right people see your piece. 
  • Join the King v Burwell Task Force: We're planning our actions from now until the decision. We are also planning next steps for after the decision - how to help patients and communities understand what the decision means for them and what to do if tax credits are struck down for 8 million people. Email us for more information at info(at)drsforamerica(dot)org.

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