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Gun Violence Prevention

With 87 people dying and over 180 being injured every day due to gun shot wounds, it's clear gun violence is a public health crisis. As health care providers, we work to protect our patients from deadly diseases like heart disease-- it's time to do the same for gun violence. 

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Are you a health care professional? Sign our petition.

Are you a doctor or med student? Submit a blog post about your experience with gun violence.

Have you taken other actions?  Tell us through our Action Reporting Form.

Learn About Gun Violence And Prevention

Gun violence is a public health crisis. Learn why here.

Use our Gun Violence Prevention Facts Vs Claims sheet to help educate others.

Listen to the recording of our Ask the Expert: Gun Policy After Newton call. You can read a transcript here.

Read our Letter to Congress and Letter to Vice President Biden laying out some of our prevention proposals towards cutting gun deaths in half by 2020.

Read our petition and stories submitted by some of the health care professionals who signed.

 Find out where your elected officials stand on gun violence prevention.

Doctors for America Making a Difference

Tampa Tribune OpEd: Doctors say gun control needed to stop 'public health crisis'

DFA's Progress Notes: The Worst Public Health Crisis You've Never Heard Of

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