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Dr. Maggie Kozel is the author of "The Color of Atmosphere: One Doctor's Journey In and Out of Medicine" a story of her medical career. The stories she shares illustrate the medical, economic and moral complexities of U.S. health care. To understand Dr. Kozel's ultimate decision to leave medicine is to have a better understanding of the disconnect between our marvelous medical resources, and the ways our health care system falls short of delivering them.

She graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and went on to specialize and practice in pediatrics, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Kozel left practice after seventeen years, and is currently teaching high school chemistry in the Providence area. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post and to Kevinmd, as well as her own site, barkingdoc.com. She lives in Jamestown, RI with her husband and daughters.

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