Our Mission


Doctors for America at the PodiumDoctors for America is a non-profit organization of physicians and medical students who advocate for changes in the health care system to ensure affordable access to quality care for all.


We want to empower physicians and medical students to believe in and act on their ability to change our health care system. We believe that incorporating the experiences and perspectives of physicians and our patients will be critical to reshaping and continuously improving our health care system. We know our nation can and must create a better health care system for patients, and we are committed to working together to achieve it.

Current Goal

After successfully supporting the passage of health reform in 2010, our goal is to educate physicians about the law and about the role of physician advocacy in ensuring that the best form of that law is implemented. We are working to make sure physicians know what is in the law, and how it will affect the way they practice medicine and how it will affect their patients, their community and their own family. We also will continue to work toward our mission of access to affordable, quality care for all.


Member Driven

We strive to have the actions, concerns, and ideas of our members drive the organization.

Cultivate ownership

We strive to support individuals in taking responsibility for the issues and the organization and in becoming local, regional, and national leaders in advocacy.


We strive to be creative and innovative in furthering our cause in our strategy, organizing, use of technology, approach to communication, and everything else we do.

Measuring outcomes

We strive to form concrete goals and outcomes by which we can measure success.

Reflection and Reassessment

We strive to assess frequently the effectiveness of our campaigns and projects in furthering our mission and vision.


We strive to keep in mind constantly whether we are being consistent with our mission, vision, and values.


We strive to ensure that our members and leaders have all the information they need to make decisions and be effective advocates.


We strive to make sure that our work is an enjoyable experience for staff and volunteers alike.


We strive to act quickly and thoughtfully to respond to new circumstances and needs.

Strong teamwork and inclusiveness 

We strive to bring together the talents, assets, and experiences of our diverse membership and leaders in working together for our common cause.


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