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By Dr. Mandy K. Cohen
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Progress Notes is a blog by members of Doctors for America on issues in health reform.

Doctors for America is a national movement of physicians and medical students fighting for a system in which every American has equal access to quality healthcare.

We envision a fair, effective and affordable healthcare system -- one fundamentally transformed and guided by the core values of doctors and their patients.

Doctors are critical to rebuilding our healthcare system and can be leaders in that process when we utilize our collective voice.  As physicians and medical students on the front lines of our health system, we seek to empower one another to make change possible.  We amplify our voices -- anchored in our experiences with patients -- to improve the health care system for everyone.

Our members are practicing and retired physicians and medical students with diverse backgrounds spanning the geographic and medical spectrums - from rural communities in Texas to academic centers in New York; from primary care physicians in New Mexico to sub-specialists in Boston.  By working with our fellow healthcare providers, our patients and other leaders to identify and advocate for improvements, DFA members are working for better healthcare for every American.

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Note: Any views or opinions presented on this blog are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the hospitals, clinics, and institutions where they work, teach, and study.

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  1. Pam Threadgill


    Dear Doctors for America. I am not sure of members in our Concord NC area, but this weekend, Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 5:30 pm, a group called Lexington Journey are holding a patriotic rally which includes a health care reform discussion. I am for reform, but they are still relying on rhetoric and scare tactics as their information against it. They are asking for doctors to come forward and add to this discussion. It will be held at Troutman's BBQ on Warren C Coleman Blvd, Concord NC. Do you have any people that can attend and help dispel any rumors and deliver needed facts as they are in the bill and their affect on not only patient health but also on the pluses of assistance for medical students and payments to doctos?

  2. Charles Grayson


    I keep seeing a pop up on my e mail from DFA and that they are for Obama's healthcare reform...........I am concerned that people feel that physicians support a bill that is written by non-practicing physicians, academics and obviously no true economists. Most, if not all phyicians in Orlando, FL do Not support Obama Care. If you had practiced medicine in a community (private practice) you would understand that there is nothing good about his reform. Continued malpractice risks, poor re-imbursement (below cost of providing care) and degraded quality of care due to lack of physicians. You and your group should be proponents of re-writing a compresensive bill and give it to Congress to pass. Unfortunately, all groups claiming representation of physicians are yes men to the govt.

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