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ACA outreach in OK is tough

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I'm not going to sugar coat it: ACA outreach in Oklahoma is tough. But being uninsured is tougher. 

One of my friends, in her late 50s, had been unable to afford health insurance for years, due to very high costs because of a minor pre-existing condition. Her job did not offer insurance, and she lived for years hoping she would make it to 65 so that she could get Medicare. Thanks to the ACA, her new affordable insurance started on Jan 1, and she is now scheduled for her first preventive care visit and mammogram in many years.

People here are proud of the fact that Oklahoma is the “reddest” state in the Union, and it’s been hard to find anyone brave enough to speak out in favor of the Affordable Care Act – but the partners I have been able to find are amazingly courageous people that I would never have met any other way. I’ve driven all over Oklahoma, from Tahlequah to Durant, speaking to groups of citizens and on country radio shows (where I once had to pause for a hilarious commercial for barbed wire.) We held a Coverage is Good Medicine poetry reading in a packed theater, and I have spoken at several conferences for agencies that work with the poor.

The stakes could not be higher in this state, where over 600,000 people, most of them working poor, are uninsured, and we rank near the bottom in most major health categories. Sadly, our governor has shown total opposition to the ACA, including rejecting federal funds to provide coverage to our lowest-income adults. With states like Utah now expanding Medicaid, I believe we have reached a tipping point.  We are winning the battle, so it’s critical that we keep fighting for our patients.

Open enrollment ends in a little over 60 days. Help win the future for your patients. Take two minutes and put up this flyer. Then email it to 5 doctors and medical students and ask them to join you in reaching thousands by posting it in their community sometime in the next two weeks. Be sure to take a photo and share it with us!

Together we can make a difference,


Dr. Katherine Scheirman is the Oklahoma State Director of Doctors for America and a retired US Air Force Colonel.

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  1. Carter

    Thanks, Dr Scheirman for your work in Oklahoma. I hope you are right about reach the tipping point, but I don't see it. Our leadership has no heart for helping get the working poor covered.
  2. Martin mayberry

    You could not pay me enough to sign up fo obama is socialism.and I do want the gov. That nosy in my business.I will run from it at all cost.shame on obama for pushing this crap on the american people.socialism has neverworked and it never will.obamacare Will stopat my frontdoor.i promise you that!
  3. martin mayberry

    In any discussion about guns we must start and keep the 2nd amendment in full focus.The 2nd amendment keeps us onthe right track!
    If the discussion doesn't start and finish with that ,emotions get in the way and Drs.for America become nothing more thn gun grabbers who I will not give ear to or listen to in any way.We must start talking about the mental health issues and how to keep people who have mental health issues from getting guns, not how to take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens! Thanks for listening NRA forever!
  4. Martin

    Obama tried to get rid of our guns like he changed the laws for people who can get married.thank GOD the nra and other like minded groups are there protecting our rights.obama kept telling the lie that only ten percent of americans want gun rights.i beieve the truth is 55 to 60% want their gun rights.obama would have you believe its only two hillbillys sitting on a fence in arkansas that believe in the 2nd amendment.that is a lie.
  5. Martin

    The way I found this website is through the NRA website.I feel it is my duty to put the truth out in public forums that tell outright lies and distort the truth.I wont back down or be quiet about the lies out is my job to tell the truth and shame the devil and straighten you out! I will continue doing such! Thank you NRA 4 ever!
  6. Martin

    "smart guns"are a bad idea too.I would never buy one.from what I read it is only a good idea to dummies and gun grabbers.I dont need your help to be safe!and I dont want it!.
  7. Martin mayberry

    I will not listen to Obamacare Zombies( ANYONE who try to tell you Obama care is good for you and will help you}.Obama care has been shown to be a dismal failure! The only ones who would sign up for it is someone desperate or will get it for free, or are just plain stupid and don't know that they have a right to say "NO"!!! Well I'm smart and will say "NO" to whoever tries to talk me into that trash!You can be sure of that!Doctor,lawyer,politician,or indian chief!!NO is my resounding answer!

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