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Acknowledged by President Obama in College Park!


Strong work! 

Doctors for America members went to the President's rally yesterday in College Park, MD.  We were able to score them some SWEET tickets right near the podium.  So, when the president mentioned doctors in his prepared remarks... they yelled out - "Doctors for America supports reform!!!"  And the President looked over, acknowledged then and went off script a bit talking about medical professionals.  See the transcript of the actual speech below.

"...Most importantly, drugs -- doctors and nurses are supporting this effort. (Applause.) We've got doctors -- medical students right here in the house. (Applause.)See, I just want to point out, I think it’s telling, some of the people who are most enthusiastic about health care reform are the very medical professionals who have firsthand knowledge about how badly the system needs to change. (Applause.) So don’t -- stop paying attention to the folks who are spreading false charges, crazy rumors about our plan. Pay attention to the health care experts -- the doctors and the nurses who know our system best. (Applause.)"

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