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Action alert: Senate fast-tracking ACA repeal


The Senate is moving with haste this summer to pass a bill, the American Health Care Act, that would repeal the Affordable Care Act and cause 23 million Americans to be uninsured. The next three weeks will be crucial as the leadership in the Senate has announced their intentions to pass the AHCA by the end of the month. Much of the planning about the bill is being done in secret, but reports indicate the Senate bill will look very similar to the harmful bill that passed the House.

This is a critical moment for the future of the ACA, Medicaid and our patients. Please do whatever you can to make your voice heard over the next three weeks. Below are some tools and suggested actions to aide your outreach.

Take Action:

  • Call your Senator frequently over the next three weeks: (202) 224-3121. If you get a busy signal at the DC office then call their district number. Offices keep records of the calls they get for and against legislation, which inform the way they vote. This is especially important if you live in a target state (listed below)
  • Request a meeting. Contact your Senator’s DC or district office and set up a meeting with them or their staff.
  • Sign our petition to make your voice heard. We will deliver these petitions to the Senate in the coming weeks. After you sign, share it with your friends and colleagues. 
  • RSVP for our upcoming White Coat Rally on June 22nd. This will take place before the Senate heads off for recess. Help us make sure they know where physicians stand. *Please note the change in date given the timing of the bill in the Senate.


Key Points:  

Ask your Senator to oppose any proposals that do the following damage to America's health care:

  • Destroy the Medicaid program as we know it by changing the structure through block grants or per capita caps.
  • Ends the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion.
  • Increases the number of people without health insurance.
  • Undermines the consumer protections put in place by the Affordable Care Act, like protecting coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Senate Targets:

Collins (ME) 

Murkowski (AK) 

Heller (NV) 

Capito (WV) 

Flake (AZ)

Portman (OH)

Gardner (CO)

Cassidy (LA)

Toomey (PA)​

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