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Action needed: skyrocketing EpiPen costs

By Bruce Rector

Did you know the price of the EpiPen skyrocketed 400% while Mylan executives gave themselves huge pay raises? Now millions of patients are scrambling to figure out how they can pay for this vital drug.

As doctors and medical students, we know access to an EpiPen can mean the difference between life and death.

Urge Mylan to make EpiPens affordable again for the millions who need it.

Mylan is now saying it will offer an expanded coupon for commercially insured patients to help make the EpiPen more affordable. This move is nothing more than a bandaid that does nothing to help uninsured, Medicare or TriCare patients. That is why we are calling on Mylan to take robust action by lowering it's actual retail price to help truly remedy these exorbitant, cruel hikes. 

How much longer must our patients suffer while pharmaceutical companies get rich?

Tell Mylan executives to reduce the retail price of this lifesaving drug immediately.

Let's tell big pharma that doctors and medical students won't be silent while they price-gouge Americans. Join us in demanding patients over profits.

Yours in service,

Dennis Deruelle, MD - Justin Lowenthal - Bruce Rector, MD - Mark Rood, MD
Co-Leaders of the DFA  Drug Price & Value Campaign 


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