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Doctors, medicine, and science itself is being ignored by too many politicians every day. Millions of Americans are suffering under cruel directives from Washington, and as doctors we are forced to watch, helpless. But it doesn't have to be this way. DFA will not allow it. By working together, we can heal America. And that starts with 2020.

Everything depends on next year, so with your help Doctors for America is stepping up to the plate. To end the year on target for 2020 and make sure doctors make the key difference next year, together we need to raise $55,000. To reach that goal, DFA is kicking off a new Sustaining Membership Campaign.

Will you stand with DFA, and help build the collective power and voices of doctors for the most crucial year ahead? Show your support of physicians' voices and activism in our democracy by becoming a sustaining member of Doctors for America today.

10 Years of Amplifying Our Voices. 50 DFA Doctors in the Rose Garden with President Obama to announce the ACA; Rallies at the Supreme Court opposing overturning the ACA; Bus tour from the Democratic to the Republican Convention; Nomination of Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General; National appearances on major media outlets regarding the ACA, Gun Violence and the list goes on; Engaging at the state level from CA to ME - MN to FL; members in every state; and DFA leadership embedded now at hundreds of major medical and governmental institutions pushing our agenda of putting patients over politics. Ten years of impact and thanks to each of you.

The energy, commitment, and leadership within the DFA community is growing and our commitment to the next 10 years is strong. Whether it's our White Coats Advocacy Boot Camp trainings (100 docs trained in 2019 and 250 - 500 to be trained 2020), the announcement of our Healing America campaign, the exciting merger of NPA and DFA, our expanded staff and board, the list goes on.

Help expand our reach, provide leadership opportunities for all through the training of more doctors, and for us to have a major impact in 2020. With your help, doctors can stand together and fight back against the attacks on our patients and our country. Click here to take that stand and become a sustaining member for 2020.

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