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Call for coverage

By Donald Nguyen, MD

The deadline for open enrollment is this Sunday. Join me and Doctors for America members across the country in spreading the word out about the final week to enroll for 2015 health coverage.

On Saturday February 14, we are going to help connect Americans with health insurance by picking up the phone to talk with consumers about where and how they can enroll.  It’s something you can do from your living room.

You can make calls in three easy steps:

Step One: Request a Phone List
If you want to host a phone bank or make calls on your own, fill out the Request Form and you will receive the call link and script. Please fill out the request format least 2 days before you plan to make calls.Important: If you are going to phone bank with us on 2/14 be sure to request your form by Friday.

Step Two (optional): Get Friends to Join You!
Once you’ve filled out our Request Form, get ready to make your calls! It can be more fun if you recruit friends to make calls with you, or you can make calls on your own. Everyone needs a computer and should have some time to get familiar with the script. Please note, you may get a list of phone numbers for another state, depending on where the need is greatest.

Step Three: Make Your Calls! You never know whose life can be saved or touched with the knowledge of the new health coverage now available. Pick up the phone and make your calls! 

Don't forget to take a picture and post it on Facebook and Twitter using the #getcovered hashtag or just send it to us, and we'll post it for you!

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