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DECEMBER NEWSLETTER: Doctors for America Updates


These are organizational updates featured in our December Newsletter.

One Million Campaign Launch: January!

Imagine a thousand doctors and medical students across the country educating colleagues and the American public on health care reform.  Imagine a thousand of our voices speaking in town halls and hospital conference rooms, spreading the word on the radio and TV, and on the editorial pages of our newspapers.  Study after study shows that the American public is  hugely misinformed and confused about our health care system and the Affordable Care Act.  Imagine if doctors became the source of their information.  The One Million Campaign: Engage, Educate, Empower will train and organize us to do just that – to stand up for health care in America, and to magnify our voices by educating one million people about health care reform in 2012.  You can sign up today to learn about how to make it happen.  And stay tuned for the official launch of this flagship campaign in January.


Big Decisions in Women's Health: Plan B Rules and Contraceptive Coverage

Two debates on women's health have been in the news the past week.  

The first is a controversial decision by Secretary Sebelius of HHS to overturn the FDA on making Part B an over-the-counter drug for women of all ages.  While the drug is already over-the-counter for women above the age of 17, the FDA has been conducting studies for 10 months to evaluate whether younger women should have access.  They concluded yes, but the conclusions was overturned.  Doctors for America is contacting HHS to express our concern about disregarding scientific evidence in this matter.

The second is a significant push by religious groups, particularly Catholic clergy, to widely exempt all religious employers from offering health plans that provide contraceptives with no copays or deductibles.  The current rule -- following many state laws -- exempts houses of worship that employ people of that religious faith.  Religious groups are pushing to expand that to universities, schools, and others -- which would expand this exemption to millions of women.  Doctors for America sent an alert to our Facebook and Twitter networks to contact the White House on this matter.

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