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Big Win in Florida on Medicaid Expansion

By Dr. Mona Mangat

I have some exciting news to share. 

Florida members of Doctors for America joined with other physicians to successfully lobby the Florida Medical Association to support the expansion of Medicaid for nearly one million Floridians! Florida’s physician community will no longer sit on the sidelines while Floridians are denied access to lifesaving healthcare.

This a big win for Floridians and the entire DFA movement.

We wouldn’t be here if Dr. Robert Luedecke of Texas had not paved the way for our efforts last year when he secured the Texas Medical Association’s support of expansion for about 1 million hard-working Texans.

It is clear physician advocates can be powerful voices in the fight to close the gap for 5.7 million people in the remaining 24 states. And we are making progress.

In Florida, where 2,200 Floridians will die this year because they do not have access to healthcare, we are now one step closer to ending the needless suffering and saving lives.

Together, we are going to double down on our fight to expand access to care in Florida and the remaining 24 states.

Dr. Mona Mangat is the Chair of Doctors for America and an Allergist-Immunologist based in St. Petersburg.

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