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Doctors for Health Reform - how far we have come


As I was standing next to Senator Reid this afternoon at the press conference publicizing the 450,000 doctors who support reform, I was struck by how far DFA has come in such as short time.  We have been a group for less than a year, and today we were able to amplify the voice of physicians in strong support of reform at the Capital Building.  There is much work still to be done to get that voice heard....but I was excited to pause for one minute to congratulate the DFA team on the tremendous success so far.  Nice work team!

You can see me at the event here:

Today at the press conference - with Senators Reid, Durbin, Murray and Schumer - there was a lot of talk about the timeline for reform.  Senator Reid was still optimistic that the Finance Committee was able to get a bill out and marked up before recess starts for the Senate next week.  I thought Sen. Durbin brought up an interesting point when he said that the health insurance companies are the only other industry other than baseball that is exempt from anti-trust laws and that is why they have been the most profitable industry in all of our economy....with record level profits.  Sen Murray from Washington really brought home the point that this fight is for "health insurance stability" --being able to go take a new job opportunity without worrying that you won't be able to have your pre-existing condition covered with your new insurance.

Click below to see out press release about today's press conference.  Keep up the hard work all....

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