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Drive kick-off


Today marks the start of our year-end fundraising drive.

This has been a difficult year for patient advocates but there are many reasons to be proud of our work. Together, against the odds, we successfully blocked several Congressional ACA repeal efforts and attempts to slash Medicaid funding; protecting coverage for millions. We have also banned together to raise our collective voices to stand up for DACA recipients, draw attention to rising drug prices, raise awareness for the need to reauthorize CHIP funding, urge action on the epidemic of gun violence, fight a devastating tax bill and ensure millions of Americans get covered. In 2017, Doctors for America has also welcomed a new Executive Director and staff member to help build and grow our movement at this critical moment in our nation's health.

We need your support to keep urging lawmakers to put patients over politics in 2018. Congressional leaders and the Administration have prioritized tax cuts for the wealthy which will drive up the deficit. House Speaker Paul Ryan has already began calling for cuts to Medicare and Medicaid as a way to trim the federal deficit. We need to sound the alarm!

As a member funded non-profit, our organizational longevity and ability to fight for policies that make a difference to the healthcare community depend on our financial security. Help us raise the $40,000 we need to support our work in the year ahead.

 Dr. Boyd Shook of Oklahoma is kick-starting the drive by generously offering to match your donations up to $1,000.

Will you join Dr. Shook in giving a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year?


Thank you for your continued support,

Scott Poppen, MD MPA


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