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Every 20 Minutes.

By Alissa Manzoeillo
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Every 20 minutes, an American between the ages of 25 and 64 dies prematurely due to a lack of health insurance. That’s 72 people a day, 502 people a week, 2,175 a month, and 26,100 Americans a year. The number of loved ones we lose every year prematurely due to a lack of health insurance would fill the largest NBA arena, The Palace of Auburn Hills—also known as the home of the Detroit Pistons--  at 22,076 seats, but we’d end up with 3,024 people still standing.

This is not ok.

We should not be able to fill any NBA stadium with the number of Americans who have died prematurely due to a lack of health insurance. We shouldn’t even be able to fill a middle school’s basketball court. Heck, we shouldn’t even be able to compare the number of Americans lost to the number of teammates allowed on a basketball court at one time.

But we can and we do.

Today, we are going to focus on those lost prematurely every 20 minutes due to a lack of health insurance as well as those still struggling to survive due to a lack of insurance.

Don’t lose hope, though.

We are making progress. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—sometimes known as “Obamacare”—many of the obstacles people face when trying to gain health insurance are being removed. From ending the worst insurance practices (like denying people coverage due to “pre-existing conditions”) to providing tax credits to small businesses to providing subsidies to everyday Americans to help them afford their private insurance plans, the ACA is working to save lives.

So please follow us on Twitter: @drsforamerica, Facebook:, and check back here for updates and patient stories throughout the day. Please also share your experiences and stories by using the #20mins hashtag on Twitter, on our Facebook page, or email us.

Then sign our declaration of support demanding politicians put patients over politics.

Because one premature death every 20 minutes is one too many.

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  1. Tammy Roberts

    This is very important to me. I have a Rare Disease (Porphyria)there are 8 types and I have 2 which is very very rare... I can not get insurance. So I can not get treatment which can cost up to 36,000.00 a month.. I can have a attack at anytime and die from it. If I could get treatment I have a much better chance to live longer. With treatment on avg. life is 45-60 I am 45 so it looks like anytime for me just because I cannot get insurance... This disease affects just about every part of my body causing so much pain..... All I can do is HOPE.... Tammy

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