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Feedback for Senator Coburn: Pass Health Reform Now!

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Sermo -- an online group for physicians -- is asking for feedback to send to Senator Coburn of Oklahoma on what physicians think about the health reform bill. Senator Coburn is one of only two physicians in the US Senate and was recently caught on camera callously brushing off the problems of a weeping constituent who faced health insurance challenges with her severely injured husband (see the video here

For feedback from the physician community about health reform, Senator Coburn need only look to one of Oklahoma's physicians (aka Dr. Coburn's own constituent), Dr. Kathy Scheirman for thoughts on how he can handle himself as a true statesman when representing the interests of his state:

Dr. Scheirman writes:

"Sen Coburn needs to step up and take responsibility for our current healthcare system, which is failing both the insured and uninsured alike. He needs to get to work and become a part of the solution, instead of just being an obstacle to reform.

"People in Oklahoma tend to be generous and caring. Senator Coburn’s lack of compassion does not speak well for us, when he puts his ideology and concern for insurance companies over the needs of a woman suffering because of our broken healthcare system. He did offer to have his staff help this one individual, but what about all the other Oklahomans who find themselves in a similar situation? People think they have insurance, until they need it for a serious illness. They then often find out that having insurance is not the same thing as having actual healthcare.

"Just think about the difference between Sen Coburn and the recently deceased Sen Ted Kennedy, who spent his life fighting for our government to benefit all of us, working tirelessly to make sure that every American has healthcare. As Sen Coburn works to prevent healthcare reform, he is trying to maintain the very system that is inflicting so much damage on this woman, her husband, and thousands of Oklahoma families."

Well said, Dr. Scheirman! I certainly hope Senator Coburn is listening… you have spoken at dozens of media events, town hall meetings and events throughout the state of Oklahoma while the Senator has been on tour in Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas. Dr. Scheirman is certainly looking out for the the people of Oklahoma, I can't say the same for Senator Coburn.

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  1. Melvin Goldstein


    “Medical Foibles” - numbers are ignored. The ratio of doctors to population has decreased in my life span. Half the med school populations are now female – where are the other males. Study after study has found women doctors tend to work 20% to 25% fewer hours then their male counterparts.

    There are “Physics Foibles” - Chaos, Entropy, Heisenberg Uncertainty and Godel Incompleteness. Recognizing the physics foibles has led to greater understanding. Physics believes in numbers “the supreme court of science”.

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