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Flint needs you

By Dr. Alice Chen

The Flint water crisis is a health and human rights issue. We need you to make your voice heard to help the victims of this preventable tragedy.

Nutritious food, clean air and water, safe shelter and communities. These are the most basic things our patients need to be able to be healthy and pursue their dreams. Yet, elected officials hid the dangerous levels of lead in the water until a pediatrician sounded the alarm on unusually high lead levels in children.

It's time we follow this doctor's lead and signal the alarm with leaders in Congress.

Send a letter to Congress to make sure Flint gets clean water and access to health care.

Lead poisoning is well known to cause lifelong medical and psychiatric problems for children, sapping the potential of both individual lives and entire communities. Reductions in lead poisoning rates - often against opposition from very powerful interests - is one of the biggest public health triumphs of the past century. The fact that lead poisoning has been allowed to return with a vengeance in one of the nation's poorest communities is an unconscionable tragedy that must be addressed with the greatest urgency.

Call on Congress to make clean water a priority: Provide funds to replace the lead pipes in Flint so people can drink water without being afraid it will make them sick.  And make sure people in Flint get the health care they need.

We know that even as we write, more low-income communities beyond Flint are finding that their water is not as safe as they thought. That’s why it’s so important for doctors and medical students to stand up and speak up now.

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