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Help Start a Movement!

By Rich Joseph

I write to you to tell you about a campaign that I have been helping to develop throughout my first year and now into my second of medical school. I have been working with the leadership at Doctors for America to develop what we have named the “Docs Run” campaign.


In short, Docs Run is a campaign to organize the Stanford medical community to train for a local run and fundraise to support preventative health programs at Stanford's Cardinal Free Clinics and Doctors for America. After much planning, we finally have launched the campaign and we are now in the full swing of recruitment.  Our campaign will culminate with group-wide participation in the Palo Alto Moonlight Run on the evening of Friday September 28th.  If we are successful, I will work with Doctors for America to spread this initiative across the country.


I believe strongly in the viability of this model and the importance of its message. Doctors must not only be those who treat disease, they must be emblems of health who inspire their patients and the communities they serve.   Please see the attached one-pager for a full description of our vision and our mission  


I reach out to you in hopes that you may be willing to make a contribution on behalf of this cause. To make a donation, please visit my fundraising page HERE.  And, by all means, if you know others who would want to support this cause, please feel free to share this message.


Through your generosity and that of others, together we can build a movement.


Thank you as always for your continued support and inspiration, 


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