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House passes ACA repeal bill

By Dr. Mona Mangat

As we gather today for our National Leadership Conference, House Republicans have voted on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

The bill would cause an estimated 24 million to lose coverage. It would end protections for those with pre-existing conditions, strip away essential health benefits, ration care under Medicaid and raise premiums by 20 percent. The bill would make everyone pay more -- children, young people, seniors and families. 

Simply put, House Republicans have failed our patients. But, we will not. 

The repeal bill now moves to the Senate which we have always known would be the battleground. We have a chance to stop this bad bill in the Senate if we put our shoulders to the wheel. 

Those who seek to repeal the ACA are betting you are too tired, too worn out from the previous fights to make your voices heard. We know they are wrong.

Together, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with President Obama in the Rose Garden to urge the passage of the ACA. We spoke out across the country to connect millions with lifesaving coverage, many for the first time. We locked arms to defend the ACA against repeated attacks over the years. And, we won’t give up now.

Stand with the 24 million patients who are at risk of losing coverage by donating $24 a month to efforts to save their care.

With your generous contribution we will arm physicians with the resources they need to advocate against the repeal of the ACA.

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