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Inoculate Yourself - ObamaCare Is Working

By Dr. Cathleen London, MD

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare aka ACA) is 3 years old – and we are now getting to some of the biggest provisions – including the insurance exchanges.  Enrollment in the exchanges is to begin in October for coverage that starts on January 1, 2014.  Not unexpectedly there has been a media campaign to try and undermine all the advances the ACA has brought.  Critics have spent $400 MILLION in negative (and often misleading) ads. This exceeds the educational ads on what the ACA actually does five fold.

House Republicans have formalized this negative campaign: House Obamacare Accountability Project  (HOAP). This campaign is an attempt to instill anxiety and uncertainty as the exchanges roll out.  Ironically they are reaping the benefits of ObamaCare as they denigrate it. They are requesting grant money from  the ACA for their districts as they publicly decry it and try to repeal it.

These are the same law makers who have wasted tax payor money voting to repeal the ACA 37 times, at an estimated operating cost of $1.75 million EACH TIME.  $64.75 million wasted.  Since that tactic failed, now they are trying this new method. As HOAP claim ObamaCare has a negative effect on health care costs, Kaiser has released a new study on the benefits of the Medical Loss Ratio provision of the ACA. This is the provision that explicitly states insurers must use premium dollars for actual health care - something most of us assumed was the point of paying health insurance premiums.  Not only are reimbursement checks being sent to consumers, but premium costs are lower – the exact effect being sought by the provision.

What SHOULD be promoted, instead of the negative attack ads, is that the revealed exchanges have even lower premium rates than predicted for better coverage than consumers were paying for (thanks to the ACA’s provisions of minimal coverage).  Rate Shock is a crock as are the other doom and gloom predictions about the ACA’s effects.  Don’t be fooled. Inoculate yourself with the actual facts.  Rates are stabilizing or going down, more people will have access to care, no one can be turned down or have their care rescinded, lifetime caps are gone. ObamaCare is working.

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