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It’s Time To Fight Back

By Dr. Chris Lillis
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We cannot let this happen to America.

Incoming Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor are determined to stop health reform from helping the patients we see every day.  Eric Cantor recently declared, “when we take majority in January, I hope that we’re able to put a repeal bill on the floor right away because that’s what the American people want.” [1]

Excuse me?  Do they have any idea what we see in our clinics and communities?  Join physicians and medical students in saying NO to repealing health reform.

  • Do our patients with asthma, diabetes, and cancer want to repeal overdue insurance regulations that will help them finally get the care they need?  NO.
  • Do our recent college grads want to lose the security of being on their parent’s insurance? NO.
  • Do Americans want to repeal the new rules that finally force insurance companies to apply 80-85% of premium payments toward medical care–or consumers get rebates? [2] NO.
  • Do 32 million Americans want our leaders to take away their hopes to finally get health care?  NO.
  • Do the doctors and medical students of America want to repeal the biggest commitment our nation has ever made toward fixing our health care system?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

The efforts of doctors and medical students from every state have won historic victories for the health of all Americans over the past two years.  But we can only fix the system if we keep moving forward.  America cannot afford to move backward on health reform.  We have serious work ahead to fix the problems we see every day.  Let’s do it.

I will stand up so health reform can move forward.

Physicians and medical students will deliver the letter in person to Representatives Boehner and Cantor when the new Congress begins January 3.  We’ll go to the press.  We’ll organize local events in our communities.  With your help, we will make sure they hear us loud and clear: doctors and medical students want health reform and our country to move forward, and we’re ready to work for it.

Thanks for speaking up – your voice makes a difference.

[1] Politico: “Health care ‘nos’ help Dems at risk” (11/3/2010):
[2] LA Times: “Health insurers must spend more on medical care, new rules say” (11/22/2010):

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  1. pete hill

    Yes we do want it repealed. Cutting our salaries even further while med school tuitions continue to skyrocket will not increase access. The creators of this bill and its sponsor are, with foresight, creating an environment to force the proliferation of so-called "physician extenders" to displaceo MDs unwilling or unable to treat patients at reimbursement rates that they will continue to slash - this will not increase quality of care. This is about Mr. Obama and his ilk passing a bill regardless of its myriad flaws and unstudied contents. Uni health care is the left's political holy grail and the POTUS seeks to feed his own egomania by forcing this massive bill down Americas throat regardless of continued and clear majority opposition and its the devastating effects it will have on our economy and our country as a world power. Wake up and stop being a martyr and a pawn of politicians who dont care about us or our patients. We need real, efficient and effective reform and those 3 adjecttives are rarely applied to anything associated with the state and government.

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