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Medicaid is in jeopardy

By Joe Kanter, MD, MPH

Doctors, of all people, know first-hand how critical Medicaid coverage can be to our patients.

Behind closed doors, lawmakers in Washington, DC are scheming to pull the rug out from under our patients and chokehold their access to quality health care. Repealing the ACA would rob Medicaid of $800 billion over the next decade; claw back coverage for 22 million, including the 11 million previously-uninsured working poor who gained access through the ACA; and make cash-strapped states responsible for an ever-increasing share of the bill. Simply put, the Senate bill would decimate coverage for our most vulnerable patients.

Give whatever you can today to help protect our patients.

Please join me in standing up on our patients' behalf. Doctors For America empowers physicians to collectively advocate on issues that are of life-and-death importance to their patients, such as access to care. The financial support of concerned physicians is crucial to this effort.

In my home state of Louisiana we expanded Medicaid coverage nearly a year ago, and over 436,000 hard-working residents now have access to quality health care as a result. I remember well the frustrations of caring for low-income patients prior to Medicaid expansion: prescribing medications too expensive to be filled, referrals for specialty care I knew were unobtainable, a parade of endless emergency department visits. I am not willing to go back to this. If you practice in a Medicaid expansion state, you know this is a program worth fighting for. If your state has yet to expand Medicaid, the Senate repeal bill would erase any opportunity to do so in the future.  

Passage of this disastrous bill could be mere days away. Our most vulnerable patients are depending on us to speak up on their behalf. Help Doctors for America empower physicians and medical students across America to do just this. Your financial contributions will fuel the effort.

Stand with Doctors for America by donating today. 


Yours in service,

Joe Kanter, MD, MPH

Board Member

New Orleans, Louisiana

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