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Meet DFA's new Executive Director

By Scott Poppen, MD MPA

It is my great pleasure, combined with considerable excitement, to announce Jim Duffett as Doctors for America's new Executive Director

Jim is a seasoned, career non-profit professional who brings to DFA 30 years of leadership experience in the world of public interest advocacy. He spent more than 25 years at the helm of Illinois Campaign for Better Healthcare (CBHC), Illinois' largest healthcare coalition and one of the top statewide health coalitions in the country, building a reputation as a nationally recognized leader in health justice at both the state and federal level. In 2002 he was named Families USA’s Health Care Advocate of the Year. While at CBHC, Jim worked with then state Senator Barack Obama on Illinois' Health Care Justice Act (Health Care for All). He currently resides in North Carolina where he has worked as a consultant for voting rights efforts and Medicaid expansion. 

Jim is an excellent addition to Doctors for America. Acquiring someone with his leadership skills and experience speaks volumes about the work we have done together over the last nine years to become the nation’s leading grassroots physician advocacy organization.

A message from Jim Duffett: 

"I am ecstatic about joining your team and look forward to connecting with each of you. You are the front line leaders of DFA and for the health care justice movement. I look forward to listening and learning from you and utilizing my 30 years of grassroots organizing experience to strengthen, expand, and broaden our collaborative relationships throughout the U.S. My life has been committed to social justice, specifically health care reform. For over 26 years I lead one of the most successfully diverse statewide coalitions in the country in Illinois. I feel confident in my skills and experiences of collaboration building, developing and implementing issue campaigns, infrastructure development, messaging and framing our issues, policy knowledge, building the needed resources to achieve our goals, and most importantly, working with all of you to make a difference in the lives of your patients. And having fun and empowering individuals.

“I am looking forward to building synergy with you and others in dozens of ways as we continue to commit ourselves to affordable, accessible, comprehensive, and quality healthcare for everyone. In addition, interjecting the much needed public health perspective as it pertains to gun violence, food deserts, and the other issues that DFA has been working on. While the negative forces working to undermine our democracy, inclusiveness, fairness, and equality may at times feel overwhelming; my grandmother always told me that if there is a will - then there is a way. DFA's past, present, and future successes and goals will be achieved together because we know you have the will. Thank you all.

“As we enter our next decade and are witnessing a renewed activism throughout our country, please join with hundreds and hundreds of your fellow medical professionals and renew your membership to DFA or join us and become a first time contributor. Your contribution will be one of your best holiday gifts of 2017. Together we will make a difference. Happy Holidays.”

We are thrilled to have a seasoned professional like Jim at the helm of the organization at such a critical moment in our nation’s health. Together, we will continue to build and grow physician leaders to fight for patients over politics in every corner of this country.

On behalf of the Doctors for America leadership team, sending you a heartfelt thank you for your tireless advocacy. And, wishing you a happy Thanksgiving filled with time to recharge your batteries for the work ahead.



Scott Poppen, MD MPA


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