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National ASK Day

By Dr. Seanta Clark

We are deeply saddened by recent events here in South Carolina. Like too many communities across this country, ours was touched this week by horrific violence. 

As a Nation, we must grapple with the deep issues of racism and intolerance that allowed this terrible tragedy to happen in such a sacred space.  At the same time, we also know that violence - both intentional and accidental - is impacting the health and lives of too many families across the country.

At times like these it’s easy to feel helpless, but we are not. As physicians and advocates we have a sacred role in caring for our patients and in creating safer communities.

On this National ASK Day and every day, please join me in encouraging parents to ask if there is a gun where their children spend time. Every day, 48 children are shot and 7 die from gun injuries. We must prevent this senseless loss of lives. It’s a simple question that can make a difference. ASKING SAVES KIDS.

Please join me and over 19 million households in taking the pledge today to ASK this life-saving question. Gun violence prevention starts at home.

I hope you will join us in this moment of reflection and opportunity to stop gun violence. 

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