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Never giving up in Oklahoma!

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In the face of adversity, Dr. Kathy Scheirman, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and Regional director of Doctors for America continues to find a way to be be heard in the debate about health reform. Most recently, Dr. Kathy Scheirman had an opinion piece published in Oklahoma's largest newspaper to help explain how health reform will help the citizens of Oklahoma.

She highlights two crucial points that seem lost in the current debate.

1.  New Consumer Protections for everyone with health insurance: "For those who have health insurance through a job, new protections will ensure that you get the care you have paid for. Pre-existing conditions will be covered; there will be no cost-sharing for preventive care, no exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses and no annual or lifetime caps on coverage. You can’t be dropped if you become seriously ill and insurance renewal is guaranteed as long as your premiums are paid. Young adults up to age 26 can continue on a parent’s policy."

2. Seniors will benefit from Medicare Improvements: "For those on Medicare or Medicaid, there are no changes, except that pharmacy benefits increase in Medicare to close the "doughnut hole,” saving seniors money. Overpayments to private insurance companies in Medicare Advantage programs will be ended."

The whole piece is worth a read....but I particularly liked the way she simply and clearly addressed these two key issues.  I hope the President can bring this type of clarity to the discussion Wednesday night!

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  1. Timothy Beauchamp


    We are so lucky to have Dr. Scheirman on the progressive side here in Oklahoma!

  2. Danial Garcia

    Many people do benefit from Medicaid but that doesn't really cover them all. I guess sustainable healthcare is more the need of the hour.

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