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New Details on the Medical Mal Practice Pilots

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The White House just released new details about the medical mal practice reform pilots that the President mentioned in his speech last week. HHS will allocate $25 million for this initiative.   The grant announcement will be on within 30 days

  • Grants to jump-start and evaluate efforts. Grants for up to three years for up to $3 million each will be given on a competitive basis to states and health systems for implementation and evaluation of evidence-based patient safety and medical liability demonstrations.
  • Planning grants. States and health systems that want to plan to implement and evaluate evidence-based patient safety and medical liability demonstrations will be eligible for competitive one-year grants for up to $300,000.  In addition, applicants will be eligible for technical assistance.

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  1. Beverly Nuckols, MD


    Or, they could look at the experience here in Texas since we passed tort reform.

    On another topic, data from the AMA concerning the makeup of insurers is cited at Fox News today. In the States with heavy concentration of one or two insurers. It turns out that the majority of insured people are covered by self insured employers. The next largest insurer - including in Alabama, the example the President gav - is likely to be a non-profit insurance company. (Yes, it's Fox, but the table is from the AMA.)

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