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Next Steps for Ebola

By Raj Panjabi, MD
When I was 9 years old, my family left Liberia to escape civil war.  I returned nearly a decade ago to serve the people who are still there through a non-profit I co-founded, Last Mile Health. Today, I write to you from Liberia where the country has been devastated by the Ebola epidemic - an epidemic that touched Americans just weeks ago. We are working hard to build up the local health care workforce and infrastructure to meet the challenges, but we estimate that we need tens of thousands of medical volunteers from the developed world to curb the epidemic.
While Doctors for America's mission is to improve health care in the U.S., we have seen all too well in the past few weeks that Americans are connected to what is happening here in West Africa.

As a passionate community of doctors, medical students, and friends, I wanted to make you aware of some opportunities and roles to continue the fight against Ebola

This is the worst Ebola epidemic in history, and it continues to plague West Africa. You can help bring the epidemic under control abroad and protect everyone in the U.S. by getting involved. USAID and the CDC are looking for volunteers, and have also opened platforms for healthcare workers to provide assistance with innovation and education.

Four Ways You Can Help:

  1. SIGN UP TO VOLUNTEER. Learn how to become a medical volunteer in West Africa through USAIDLast Mile Health or Partners In Health.
  2. SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS for USAID’s Challenge Competition to fund and test innovations for PPE, infection treatment and control.
  3. SIGN UP TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR for the CDC Safety Training Courses taking place in Alabama for healthcare workers going to volunteer in West Africa.
  4. SHARE THIS with your networks: Ebola 101 – CDC Slides for U.S. Healthcare Workers


 Raj Panjabi is a former DFA Board member and co-founder of Last Mile Health, an organization based in Boston and Liberia.

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