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Pledge to Honor Senator Kennedy

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Health reform has lost one of its greatest champions. Early this

morning, Senator Edward Kennedy passed away after a long struggle with

brain cancer. No voice in the Senate has been more steadfast or more

impassioned in the cause of health reform than that of Senator


After decades of grueling effort, true health reform is finally

within our grasp. The question for us is: what will we do with this

moment? Will we allow the voices of doubt and fear to anchor us to the

status quo? Or will we march forward with the steadfast commitment of

Kennedy, knowing that the first step toward real change will not be

perfect but that it will move us toward a better future?

On this solemn day, I ask you to join physicians across the country

in making a pledge for health reform in the memory of Senator Kennedy.

Tell us why health reform is so important to you and your patients and

what you will do to bring about this much needed change for our

country. We will share these pledges with the Kennedy family as a

tribute to one of health care's greatest advocates. We will also

compile these pledges so they can be viewed by you, the public, and

members of Congress who continue to labor for health reform.

What do you pledge?

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  1. Paul J Schaefer MD


    While it is a great loss to loose someone of Senator Kennedy's stature please let us, as physicians, not politicize his passing. Let us allow the families to grieve, friends to mourn and dignitaries to pay their respects. Remember the Paul Wellstone fiasco??? While I may not have agreed with senator Kennedy's politics I believe in the sanctity of privacy for his family. Yes, health care reform is necessary in this country. Can the dialogue continue after we have payed our respects??????

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