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YES!  A thoughtful conversation is possible.  Doctors for America physicians in Dayton partnered with other medical providers to have a community meeting to discuss health care reform - without politicians, without special interests.  It was a group of 200 member of the Dayton community that just wanted to get the facts.  They were the top story on the local TV news and written up in the Dayton Daily News.

I am inspired by their commitment to the broader Dayton community.  I would love to see more of these types of meetings happening around the country.  The health care is complex .  The reform proposals are confusing to decipher.  We need to talk this out in a calm and orderly way in order to calm fears, answer questions and get new ideas.

Are you planning an event in your community?  Doctors for America can help.  You don't need to be a policy expert, just a concerned member of your community.  Get in touch. Bring this type of event to your community.

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