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Public-private insurance competition

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A New York Times editorial counters the argument that a public plan would overtake private industry:

Innovative, nimble private plans with well-integrated service systems might outperform any government plan, just as some now outperform Medicare through better coordination of services, stronger preventive care and broader benefits. A new public plan is neither the cornerstone of health care reform nor the death knell of private insurance. It should be tried as one element of comprehensive reform. If, over time, a vast majority decides the government plan is superior, so be it.

Can public and private insurance compete on a level playing field?  Should they?

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  1. Pam Threadgill


    Yes. Public plans are essential to creating competition in the market which is very overpriced via premiums and out of pocket costs and underpaid as to its doctors in the plans. Unless the public option plans are in place, then there is no incentive for private insurers to compete for those in that market. Be sure if public plans are put in place, private insurers will not only step up and meet the demand on those plans but may also campaign to obtain the larger part of that market making the public option as much a market balancer as it is a competitor.

  2. sandra742


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