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By Dr. Mona Mangat
Seven years ago, we came together to transform our healthcare system and ensure everyone had access to quality, affordable healthcare. We came from across the country -- from red states and blue states -- because we believe healthcare is a basic human right.
Because of the work of doctors and medical students, today, twenty million people have health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured rate in this country is the lowest on record. While we still have much work to do, we have made tremendous progress toward improving the health of the nation.
It is vitally important that we educate ourselves on healthcare issues so we can make informed decisions.
As we look toward a new administration and a rapidly approaching Open Enrollment period starting November 1, 2016, it is incredibly important to stay informed on where we are with health care reform. Myths often become facts and so we urge each of you to educate yourself and have tough conversations with your neighbors, relatives and patients. Knowledge is power!

Together, we will keep spreading the facts as we seek to build upon the successes of the ACA and improve the health of our patients and communities.

Yours in service,

Mona Mangat, MD
Board of Directors -  Chair, DFA

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