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Take a Stand for Patients


Health care is at a crossroads.  The nation needs us to stand up now for the values we hold dear: justice, integrity, and compassion.

Tell the public and politicians in all 50 states to focus on people and health, not political games.

In the 11 months since health reform passed, millions have gotten help, and important innovations are being fostered.  The biggest parts of reform have yet to come, and we know that we have a long way to go to fix our system. 

Yet in states across the country, politicians are debating whether health care should be priority.  Medicaid cuts are looming from Florida to California. Women's health services for millions could be eliminated by Congress.  Newly opened community health centers may have to shut their doors.  Dr. Don Berwick, a nationally recognized leader in quality improvement, is being used as a political chess piece and may not get as far as a Senate confirmation hearing.

As physicians and medical students, it's clear we have a choice to make.  Do we stand by and lose an unprecedented opportunity to transform the way we care for our patients?   Do we turn away as misinformation and ideology threaten to control the system and deny care to millions?  Or do we rise to the occasion by taking a stand to demand that our political leaders put the health of Americans first?

We choose to take a stand.  Will you join us?

We'll deliver our pledge to the public and to political leaders in all 50 states and ask them to stand with us the week of March 23!  


To Our Fellow Americans and Political Leaders:

As physicians and medical students on the front lines, we have watched with growing concern as health care has become a wedge issue for our politicians instead of a sacred obligation to people and as essential health care services have been threatened across the country.  

We pledge our commitment to a health care system that is centered around the core values of justice, integrity, and compassion.

By signing this pledge, we are making a public commitment to return the public discourse to core values and to support policies and practices that will:

  • Expand, not decrease, the number of Americans with health insurance
  • Improve, not compromise, the insurance protections patients need and deserve
  • Promote, not weaken, critical innovations and investments in prevention, public health, and delivery system reform
  • Strengthen, not detract from, the relationship between doctors and patients

We call upon our fellow Americans and political leaders to join us in this commitment as we work together to improve and implement the Affordable Care Act and state health policies.

Click here to sign the pledge.

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