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SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND THOUGHTS AS A DOCTOR ON THE FRONTLINES: As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds there just is not enough reliable information. It is critical that the public and policymakers understand the REAL story of what is going on from a frontline caregiver perspective across our nation as this crisis evolves!!

Please share with the DFA community and the world your stories from the frontlines of the US COVID-19 epidemic.

Share your feelings, a thought, or concerns. Post a video. Let the world know how you’re doing and what you and your patients need!

What do you and your patients need to identify infection and treat that you don’t have? (PPEs? Ventilators? what else?)

How easy or hard is it to get patients tested?

What do you think the public and policymakers should be doing to help beat back this epidemic?

What did you do to prevent getting sick yourself? How did you feel when your colleague got sick?

Did you have a 100 - hour week – and if so what kept you going?

What actions or simple “healing” acts of kindness did you experience and witness?

Tell your story – OUR story - via social media:

Twitter: Tweet at us @DrsforAmerica or tag us in your tweets so we can “hear” you – and use the hashtag #COVID19Frontlines (and #HealingAmerica #DFAdocs if room) to amplify your voice.

Facebook: Tag us

Instagram: Tag us @DrsforAmerica so we can “hear” you – and use the hashtag #COVID19Frontlines, #HealingAmerica and #DFAdocs to amplify your voice.

DFA will “retweet”, "like", and repost your important experiences – AND can also direct your information to policymakers.

Please also consider tagging, tweeting at, etc. key policymakers who should listen to doctors on the frontlines of this crisis: @realDonaldTrump , @your Governor, @your two Senators

Thank you for the critical work you are doing now.

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