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The voices manufacturing obstruction

Among the rabble-rousers and the vocal opponents of reform, we find some common backers with big bucks. Dan Eggen of the Washington Post points out, one of the most vocal puppeteers is Rick Scott, who made his fortune swindling state and federal health programs, and then ditched his company just in time for it to sift through the fraud he piled up without his help.
Why are people listening to Scott and his extremists?  Quite frankly, it is because they are loud.  Why should sit by and let them hijack a historic opportunity to seriously improve health care in America?  We aren’t…
As a physician, you need to make your voice heard. If I sound like a broken record it is because we need real reform and there needs to be zero doubt that doctors support modernizing our nation’s healthcare system. We can not afford to watch this from the sidelines – doctors and medical students have a huge stake in these reform efforts because we have to practice in this system.
Take the opportunity this August, seek out venues to speak up… and if you need help finding one, here is a quick way to see what’s going on in your neck of the woods.

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