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By Dr R Scott Poppen

Tomorrow, on the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, the House of Representatives will vote on an ACA repeal bill that would take away healthcare from 24 millions patients, make disastrous cuts to Medicaid and strip away consumer protections.

Now is the time to urge your member of Congress to oppose this bill, which hurts patients. Members of the House are divided about the bill and that gives us an opening. We must make certain Congress hears from doctors and medical students right now about our opposition to this bad bill.

Action AlertCall your member of Congress at 202-224-3121
Urge them to 
VOTE NO on the ACA repeal bill.

This is the time to stand up and speak out for the progress we have made together over the last seven years in getting America covered. We must not go backward. 

In solidarity,

Scott Poppen, MD MPA
Vice Chair
Doctors for America


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