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Three things Congress must do now


Congress is back in Washington, DC for their last two weeks before summer recess.  They are debating three major public health issues that Doctors for America members know are important for patients.

As doctors and medical students, we need to tell Congress that they need to take action NOW to address gun violence, combat Zika, and save lives from the rapid rise in opioid addition.

Join us in urging Congress to put patients over politics to protect the public health. Take five minutes to make your voice heard on one or all of the issues below.

GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION - The shooting in Orlando happened less than a month ago, and 91 people continue to die every day from gun violence. The only way to get Congress to act is to show them we are serious. We must keep speaking out to demand a solution to the gun violence crisis, including an end to the ban on CDC gun violence research and funding for this important work.


ZIKA FUNDING - We know Zika is coming to the continental U.S. this summer. Despite rising temperatures and an emergency fund request months ago, Congress has still not approved funds to get ready for Zika and make sure we can detect, diagnose, and prevent Zika before it's too late. Urge Congress put patients over politics and approve the funding necessary to control this impending crisis.


OPIOID ABUSE & HEROIN EPIDEMIC - Over 2 million people in the U.S. are suffering from opioid use disorders and addiction. This number has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Congress has approved a set of bills to address the problem but with one catch -- they have approved no funding.  Doctors and medical students urge Congress to move quickly to commit the funding necessary to battle the opioid abuse and the heroin epidemic so we can begin healing patients and saving lives.  


Thank you for speaking up for patients and communities. Together, we can make sure our nation puts patients over politics and makes health a priority.

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