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Today is a Very Big Day for Health Reform


On this day six months ago, your hard work led to the biggest health reform law in a generation - the Affordable Care Act. We created a video to highlight all of your hard work that made today happen.


As of today, the first wave of health reform provisions have gone into effect.  Thanks to the calls you made, the letters you wrote, the petitions you signed, and the demonstrations you joined, here is what you secured for our patients today:

  • Children with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage
  • Insurance companies can no longer drop patients' coverage when they get sick
  • Prevention services such as mammograms and colonoscopies will be free
  • Young adults can now get coverage through their parents' insurance
  • No more lifetime limits on benefits
  • Senior citizen are getting prescription drug rebates to finally close the "donut hole"
  • Small businesses are getting tax credits for giving employees health insurance

This is why we came together nearly two years ago - to bring these kind of positive changes to lives of patients.  This is just the beginning.  Because you never gave up, we are finally starting to fix a system that has been broken for too long.


As good as these provisions are, millions of Americans don't know about them.  They have been surrounded by misinformation campaigns - like the one-third of senior citizens who still believe that death panels are real.  As doctors, we have an opportunity to bring reason and facts to the national conversation.  Let's start today by sharing this video with people we know


Thank you for standing up to be a part of this movement.


Vivek, Alice, Josh, and Zee

for the Doctors for America Team

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