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Townhall Obstructionist --Organized and well funded puppets


As reported earlier today....Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, the operation that’s running a national campaign against a public health care option, is now publicly taking credit for helping organize the rowdy outbursts targeting town hall meetings around the country, raising questions about their spontaneity.  Read the full story

They even have a strategy memo that outlines how to best disrupt event.

These extremists don't want to engage in thoughtful dialogue.  They don't want to talk about the broken health care system and the various options for reform that are on the table.  They are only there to scare folks into avoiding the meetings in the first place.  These groups need to be exposed for what they are....a shameful attempt at obstructing reform.

This fearmongering must only strengthen our resolve at Doctors for America  to have the physician voice heard LOUDLY in this debate.  I know  the American people will be able distinguish between a well respected physician's voice and shouting extremists.

Watch this clip from the Colbert Report about this "spontaneous" obstruction....

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