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Trust me, I'm a Doctor!


Results of a  new survey was released today by Kaiser Family Foundation and the Hard School of Public Health about the public's faith in the physician community recommending the right thing for the country on health care.

The survey shows that when it comes to public confidence in various groups to recommend the right thing for the country on health care, the groups that come out on top are nurses’ groups (79 percent have at least a fair amount of confidence), groups representing patients (70 percent), doctors’ groups (65 percent), and seniors’ groups (64 percent).

65 percent have a great deal or a fair amount confidence in "doctors groups" to recommend the right thing for the country on health care, and similar shares say the same about two specific doctors’ groups: the American Medical Association (62 percent) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (67 percent).  (some how this survey did not ask about their confidence in Doctors for America....but I would like to think it is even higher for our organization - but I digress)

About one in eight (12 percent) say they have talked with their doctor about proposed changes to the health care system, similar to the share who said the same during the last big national health debate in September 1993 (16 percent). The impact of these conversations seems to be fairly neutral, with 6 percent saying the discussion made them more likely to believe major changes are needed, 2 percent saying it made them less likely to believe this, and 4 percent saying it didn’t have much effect either way.

So, doctors are trusted.  They need to be heard from but those conversations are not happening in the clinic (which is ok).  We need to get doctors visible and talking to their communities.  I think I see more physician community forums on the horizon!

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