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UPDATE: Senate repeal efforts

By Scott Poppen, MD MPA

There have been major developments in the last 36 hours around ACA repeal.

Thanks to your hard work, efforts to repeal the ACA have hit a road block in the Senate. 

On Monday, two additional Senators announced their opposition to the Better Care Reconciliation Act, effectively killing the legislation for now.

Yesterday, Senate leadership announced they will move forward, next week, with a vote to repeal the ACA WITHOUT a replacement. This bill would cause 32 million Americans to lose coverage, premiums to double and end the Medicaid expansion. That is why Senators Collins, Capito and Murkowski have announced they will vote no on the motion to proceed. If they vote no, they would successfully prevent the bill from advancing to the floor. But, until the vote happens, we cannot let up. 

Call Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote NO on the motion to proceed on ACA repeal.

As a reminder, the following are they key Senators to contact:

Sen. Capito (WV), Sen. Collins (ME), Sen. Murkowski (AK), Sen. Heller (NV), Sen. Flake (AZ), Sen. McCain (AZ), Sen. Portman (OH), Sen. Cassidy (LA). When calling Senators Capito, Collins and Murkowski make sure to urge them to stand strong and thank them for putting patients over politics by voting no.

ACA repeal would be a tragedy of epic proportions for patients. It is clear our outreach is making a big impact. Let's aim to defeat these efforts for good so Congress can begin working in a bipartisan way to strengthen and improve upon the health law. 


In solidarity,

Scott Poppen, MD MPA


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