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URGENT: ACA vote expected within 36hrs

By Meghana Rao, MD

Dear Brannon,

This is a crucial week for the future of the Affordable Care Act and the health care of millions of patients.

The Senate is expected to vote within the next 36 hours on a bill to repeal the ACA. The procedural vote, called a Motion to Proceed, will determine whether a repeal bill goes to the Senate floor later this week. We must make Senators' phones ring off the hook to ensure this does not happen.

The Administration and Senate leadership are pulling out all of the stops to pressure Senators to vote yes, and these efforts may be working. Among their top targets are Senators Capito (WV)Murkowski (AK) and Heller (NV). These Senators need to hear from us TODAY. 

Take 2 minutes today to call your Senator and urge them to vote NO on the Motion to Proceed - (202) 224-3121. This is especially important if you live in West Virginia, Alaska or Nevada.

Below is a simple message you can leave your Senator


Senator <INSERT NAME>, I am a <DOCTOR OR MED STUDENT> and, as the Senate considers a bill to repeal the ACA, I am calling to urge you to do no harm. (Feel free to share a short patient story or why this matters to you).

ACA repeal would be a disaster of epic proportions for patients. I urge you to vote NO the Motion to Proceed. Senators must not support any bill that repeals the ACA, destroys Medicaid, ends Medicaid expansion, rolls back coverage or undermines consumer protections.

My zip code is <INSERT HERE>.

Thank you for your time.


In solidarity,

Meghana Rao, MD

Board Member

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