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A guest blog post today from Dr. Arthur Lavin MD in Cleveland Ohio.  Thank you Dr. Lavin!

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We All Know

It seems that every time our nation attempts to take a step forward, forces gather to make the situation seem frightening and impossible. Those opposed to making things better really have no actual purpose in mind beyond stopping the change from happening.

We all know that.

Our nation is engaged in a historic moment trying to tackle its most expensive activity, health care.  Every 10-20 years, since World War II, the nation has tried to see how it could provide health care to all its citizens, keep illness from causing people to fall into bankruptcy and ruin, and keep being insured from dropping our standard of living.  And every 10-20 years, the forces that profit from keeping us from these goals wins again.

We all know that.

The elevation of profit over health has succeeded so extremely that right now about one in 6 Americans have no insurance and each of them are more likely to become seriously ill or die.  Over half of all bankruptcies is America are due to someone simply getting sick. The cost of staying insured is becoming out of reach, and the advent of deductibles ensures that very little of the usual costs of health care are covered despite spending fortunes on insurance premiums.  All this while about 30% of the premiums we pay go to fund truly extraordinary executive salaries, at times reaching towards a billion dollars for one person.

We all know that.

This year, this month, right now, it will once again be decided whether profit or health wins.  Congress is trying to hammer out legislation that would return health to the center of our activities.  Profit would remain in place, but our health would be improved.  With true health reform, we would start by asking what medications and therapies work, keeping profits limited to improving actual health outcomes.

We all know that.

Sadly, the opposition has elected to simply oppose.  They are now reduced to two actions: Screaming and begging.  They are screaming at town hall meetings to keep us from discussing this central issue.  They are begging for the nation to "slow down," meaning don't do anything that might harm the status quo.

We all know what they are trying to do, too.

John Boehner, Minority leader in the house,  said "I have not met an Ohio doctor who is in favor of this health care reform."  One thing the Congressman did not know was that hundreds and thousands of Ohio doctors are not only supporting this health care reform but working to get it passed.  I am one Ohio MD who is doing just that!

Please join me in this effort.  This is a unique and critical chance to make our nation healthier.  Don't you and your children deserve good health?

I think I know your answer.

Arthur Lavin MD

Cleveland, OH

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