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Weekly Rounds 08-09-2020


DFA Action Item
Healthy Ballot

Doctors for America announced its Healthy Democracy Initiative this week as part of its Healing America 2020 Campaign in collaboration with our partners including VoteHealth2020 and RxVote. We ask you to join us in action to promote Healthy Democracy where you live.

We must change our nation’s narrative. We must act, before it’s too late.  We must ensure more doctors, medical students AND people most affected by COVID-19 VOTE in November.  

National Leadership Conference; Healing America 2020
NLC 2020

Register now to join your DFA colleagues for an inspiring virtual leadership conference during a pandemic and the most important election year of our lifetimes. The conference begins on Friday, August 28 at 5 pm ET with an intimate conversation with Vivek Murthey, MD, MBA about healers, our communities, and advocacy and will conclude on Saturday, August 29 at 8 pm ET with a powerful plenary on racism. In between there are plenaries and workshop sessions to train physicians and medical students to actively address structural racism, and issues of intersectionality The full agenda will be available soon. Register today!


DFA Doctor Mona Mangat:We're living with the perils of American exceptionalism” Dr. Mangat, a longtime DFA leader, discusses dangers of reliance on American exceptionalism, with inequities in America’s healthcare system. (Mona V. Mangat, MD, Tampa Bay Times)

DFA Doctor Alice Chen:Why rural areas may be the next hotspot for COVID-19” Dr. Chen, co-founder of DFA, interviewed by Yahoo! Finance on the inconsistencies of leadership in America’s pandemic response. (Alice Chen, MD, Yahoo! Finance)

DFA Doctor Ranit Mishori:The United States needs a formal inquiry into our public health catastrophe” Dr. Mishori, writing on The BMJ’s Opinion blog, makes the case for a formal inquiry into the United States’s COVID 19 response in order to “produce a blueprint for preventing [the next pandemic]”. (Ranit Mishori, MD, FAAFP, theBMJopinion)

DFA Doctors Mara Divis, & Copello Fellow Juliana Morris: “Stop using false public health claims to attack immigrants” Drs. Divis and Morris, DFA Immigrant Health Justice leaders decry the Trump administration’s use of false public health claims to attack immigrants. File comments against latest DHS/DoJ effort to gut asylum by August 10 (Mara Divis, DO, Juliana Morris, MD, Eva Raphael, MD, MPH,

Doctors For America is committed to healing America and building a system that makes health accessible to everyone. Please Make a Tax-Deductible Donation to Doctors for America to amplify the trusted voices of physicians and medical students on health and bring scientific expertise to the discourse on health policy. Together we must defeat structural racism. Please Click Here to Contribute.

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