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Weekly Rounds 08-16-2020



DFA Drug Affordability Steering Committee co-chair, Hussain Lalani: “With COVID-19 spreading and unemployment up, Texas must expand Medicaid” Dr. Lalani, writing with his colleague Dr. Hong, calls for the expansion of Medicaid coverage in the state of Texas. Citing recent measures in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Idaho and Utah to expand Medicaid under the ACA, the doctors say action must be taken to protect the 5 million Texans living without insurance. (Hussain Lalani, MD and Arthur Hong, MD, The Dallas Morning News)

DFA Board member, Cedric Dark:'Is this when I drop dead?': two doctors on their time at the Covid frontline” Dr. Dark, an emergency room doctor in Houston, and Dr. Tsion Firew an emergency room doctor in New York City discuss the impact of the coronavirus outbreaks in their cities. (Cedric Dark, MD, MPH, FACEP and Tsion Firew, MD, MPH, The Guardian)

Doctors For America signed on to a letter sent to the National Governor’s Association (NGA), urging governors across all 50 states to implement mandatory, enforceable standards for worker protections in health settings. Read the letter: Health Professionals Groups Urge US Governors to Enact and Enforce Safety Protections for Workers in Health Care Settings 

On a Sad Note: An interactive database, “Lost on the frontline”, created by the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Kaiser Health News and Guardian US tracking the over 900 dead health care workers in the United States. The project aims to document the life of every health care worker who falls victim to the virus and shine a light on our health care system during the COVID 19 pandemic. News release

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