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What DFA means to me

By Shalini Pammal

On this Giving Tuesday, I thought I would share what DFA means to me and what it means for patients across the country.

In October 2012, I recall standing in a little booth at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Cambridge, Massachusetts, educating passersby about the Affordable Care Act as part of our One Million Campaign-- a campaign to educate 1 million Americans about the facts of health reform. We passed out fact sheets, answered questions and convened in cities across the nation to push for health reform. Since then, our journey has taken us on a 12-day bus journey across four states, and to the steps of the Supreme Court. We have written countless op-eds, shared our voices on TV and in radio shows. 
On this Giving Tuesday please show your support for Doctors for America. 
Reflecting on these moments in our history inspires me. Over the past eight years, doctors, medical students, nurses and health advocates have dedicated countless hours and tremendous energy to building a movement. This movement is one fueled by hope-- hope that we can reimagine our national future, hope that we can push the bounds of our reality and determination to empower physicians, nurses and health advocates to be at the helm of the change needed to build a more inclusive, empathetic healthcare system. And in moments that test our faith, we have always remained steadfast in our purpose, our vision and our collective commitment to make a positive impact for patients across the nation. This is why DFA means so much to me.
Recently, my uncle passed away after a medical error during a routine procedure caused fatal internal hemorrhaging. Inappropriate care thereafter resulted in complete organ failure, and ultimately, his untimely passing. That moment not only emboldened my resolve to fight for quality healthcare, but also my belief that the dedicated, fiercely passionate individuals who comprise this organization are the ones that will lead that fight. We all know the road ahead will be a difficult one for patients, the profession and healthcare system at large. I am proud to be part of a community that has made a difference in the past, and that I know will continue to make a difference as we traverse the challenges we will  face moving forward. 
DFA needs our financial support at this critical time for our nation.
My uncle would have been turning 53 this past month. I just donated $53.00 to Doctors for America in his honor. I hope that you will also join me in investing whatever you can in this organization, so that together, we can continue building on the work we started eight years ago-- to preserve opportunity for individuals to reach their greatest potential through accessible, quality healthcare. 
Our community is one that has always depended on grassroots funding to support our rallies and marches, our community education efforts and our campaigns. There are proposed changes coming to the Affordable Care Act that would threaten patients across the nation. If you are with me in channeling our tremendous organizing potential to make a difference in the lives of patients across the nation, please start with a donation, spread the word, and then let's get to work.
In solidarity,

Shalini Pammal


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