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What's Ahead for Healthcare Reform in 2012?

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Doctors for America Newsletter February 2012:  Policy Perspective

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 will celebrate its second birthday in March.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 43 of the 46 reforms scheduled by the Affordable Care Act to be in place in 2010 and 2011 are already in effect.  We’ve seen coverage provided for young adults, a filling of the "donut hole," restraints on premium increases and historic opportunities for practice innovation. So what should we expect in 2012?

There will be continued work on payment reform and practice transformation at the Federal level, but much of the action is also now happening at the State level, around issues like insurance exchanges and determining essential benefit packages.  This is where doctors from the community can have a powerful voice.  Sign up for DFA’s  One Million Campaign and find the resources you need to make yourself heard.

There will be further attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act through a planned 27% Medicare cut also known as the SGR. The next vote in Congress will be February 28th, and it won’t be the last. DFA opposes these cuts and is standing firm in its position that we need to innovate, not amputate, when it comes to healthcare.

Look to the Supreme Court March 26th through 28th. The court will hear challenges to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, with a ruling likely later in the spring.  DFA will be planning events and activities around this date to highlight the issues at stake.

The CMS Center of Innovation has announced the first group of Innovation Advisors – seventy-three innovators from around the country who are on the cutting edge of change. You may recognize some of the names.

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  1. Patty

    This unconstitutional "healthcare" system is one of the biggest scams the government has going since they put an "undocumented" President into the Whitehouse. Open your eyes people. It is only in favor of the huge pharmaceutical and medical business...there is nothing about "care" involved here. It's only about money...that's all! The FDA, which is the biggest culprit of "legalized" drug pushing, are justifying and passing all these deadly narcotics onto the doctors which, in turn, prescribe them to patients who eventually get hooked or deathly sick from them, ergo, the brother-in-law steps in for the big "law suit" to rake in the "settlement case" money. Wake up people!
    Every other commercial you see on TV is about prescription drugs and the next is about the lawsuits in which the drug has been recalled because someone has died from it or has become deathly ill from it. This is healthcare? Wake up people! Why should the legal, taxpaying,American (I'm not talking about illegals here now)citizens have to pay for health insurance now anyway? With all the money, manpower and lives wasted in an over ten-year-period of occupation in the middle east, we could well have the best healthcare system here in the United States instead of having wasted trillions of TAXPAYER'S monies on people who would spit and slit our throats as soon as look at us. Wake up people...This country has seen it's best of times. There is no morality, justice, decency, honesty, integrity left. It's so sad. The greatest country on Earth, whoring around with countries that have no respect for us, or anything else, having to do with God- fearing justice, people, law and liberty.

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